Production Scheduling Software “Pro S”

We have  developed a Production Scheduling Software, Pro S.

The software will schedule jobs in a multi-machine setting, featuring

  • job assignment to certain machine types
  • job assignment to certain machines
  • due dates
  • order release dates
  • job priorities
  • set up times
  • sequence-dependent set up times
  • delayed start for a seamless continuation of the former production schedule.

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This is an example of the input (in Excel):


The output will come both as a table in Excel and visualized in a Gantt chart:




This is the Gantt chart solution for a slightly modified input (in this example, machine ready times are Machine 1: 11 am, Machine 2: 8 am, Machine 3: 10 am, and Machine 4: 12:30pm). This feature assures a seamless continuation of the prior production schedule.


Let us know how we can help you today!

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